We translate process pain points into technology solutions that exceed customer expectation.

who we are

About US

We are a technology company with specialization in business application and automation, protection assurance, IT risk and compliance services, and intelligent solutions deployment 

Digitank was established in 2019 to address the deployment gaps that exist in the business application and protection assurance implementation space. We take pride in our unique skill of translating process pain points into technology solutions that exceed customers’ expectations 

Our team of highly skilled engineers are trained to unleash the full capabilities of solutions that we deploy to meet specific needs of customers. We partner with our customers and play the important role of meeting their technology needs while they focus on other areas of their business to create greater value. 

Our Goal

Bringing last-mile technology services to our customers across Africa, and playing the role of a trusted partner in delivering mission-critical IT services that help businesses achieve success. Thus, we pay attention to the needs of our customers and ensure that we deliver a customer experience that exceeds their expectations.

Mission Statement

To help our customers achieve business success through model rethinking, process refitting, protection assurance, and technology mediation.

Our Values

These are the values that drive our daily decisions, develop our relationships, and guide our strategy:

Success Philosophy Outcome

Success Outcome Philosophy

At Digitank, our success outcome philosophy is simple. We embark on a success journey with our customers, providing them with the required technology solutions to their problems. We strive to understand what is top of mind for them while ensuring that we accurately translate it into solutions delivery. 

Our philosophy is best explained using an analogy of an electronic car suspension. We listen and identify load variations, absorb load pressure, provide the required power to balance the weight of the car at different points in the suspension assembly, and give the passenger a comfortable ride through the journey. Our customers (passengers) need not worry, we shoulder the load effectively. 

Why Digitank?

For every technology solution that we resell and deploy, we have the tremendous support of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), and the level of cooperation that exists between our team of engineers and OEMs positions us to provide the best of services to our customers with full assurance. 

Why DigiTank

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