SAP Migration to Azure Cloud
Tap into the power of the Microsoft Cloud by migrating your SAP to Microsoft Azure
-Microsoft’s secure and cutting-edge cloud technology.
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Has your organization decided to adopt a cloud-first strategy and identified SAP ERP application as a candidate to be moved to the cloud?

Conduct cloud readiness assessment
Execute Cloud Migration

Having agreed on the best migration approach that would provide your organization with a low-risk and secure path to the cloud, our team of technical and functional consultants with expertise in SAP ECC, S/4 HANA, and Azure will then proceed to execute migration to Azure cloud. We will manage the post-migration process, not just the technical aspects of your migration to the cloud. Also, the functional and crucial interfacing considerations of the migration process will be managed by us, to ensure stability on your SAP application in the new cloud environment.
Our migrations are first-rate because we are one of the few partners that properly combine the technical know-how of SAP and Microsoft Azure to manage the full migration of SAP systems and interfaces.

You need not worry about how to execute this project successfully with minimal impact on business operations. Digitank is here for you. At Digitank, we have the expertise to successfully migrate on-premise SAP infrastructure to AzureCloud and we are very confident that we can help you deliver your migration project even if you have started it but it’s not going as planned. Our team of experienced SAP technical consultants are ready to help you deliver a top-notch migration in a timely manner while ensuring that all SAP workloads are ready for use in the cloud. We are an SAP and Microsoft Partner and all of our engineers are SAP and Microsoft Azure certified. So, you are in good hands. Going by our success outcome philosophy, we will support you on your Cloud Journey from the get-go and handhold you through the process.
Conduct design workshop with stakeholders

Migrating workloads to cloud environment must be planned and managed effectively. In defining the future state architecture and operating model of the solutions to be migrated, a thorough design process workshop must be undertaken with stakeholders.
Our team will guide you through the pros and cons of all design decisions, helping you to gain a clearer understanding of the impacts that the final architecture and migration strategy could have on the functionality, performance, availability, and security of the application in the cloud. We will ensure the alignment of design with business needs, operational requirements, and best practices while delivering on our promise of lower cost, agility, scalability, and flexibility.

Post Migration Support

In line with our success outcome philosophy, we provide adequate training and documentation on how to run SAP in the cloud. We also assist our customers to Intelligently monitor performance, tune, and scale infrastructure in the cloud, this ensures that their landscape performs optimally in the new environment, free from unplanned downtime, and remains highly available for business operations. This can be a difficult and labour-intensive task in a complex environment, however, as promised our team will take the stress off your IT team allowing them to focus on other IT initiatives and innovation.
Whatever your SAP migration needs are, we are able and willing to help you with them at Digitank.

Why Microsoft Azure for SAP Solutions?

Microsoft and SAP have a long partnership history of over 20 years. More importantly, with partnership initiatives like the integration of Microsoft Teams with S/4 Hana, and Project embrace, both companies are beginning to closeup their platforms to work seamlessly and offer customers greater deals. 

Partnership projects like Embrace are allowing customers to enjoy opportunities like:
  • A simplified path from on-premise editions of SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA under the Microsoft/SAP-endorsed cloud partnership. SAP and Microsoft will continue to co-innovate around SAP S/4HANA on Azure. Thus, opening up great benefits to customers.
  • Expanded joint engagements with customers and partners. This allows Microsoft/SAP and SI partners to jointly provide digital enterprise roadmaps for customers. This includes immediate and actionable reference architectures and technical guidance to help customers on their journey to the cloud.
  • Increased investments in platform and infrastructure. Both companies will further develop automated migrations, improved operations, monitoring, and security to support customer needs.

Integration capabilities on Microsoft Azure offers considerable number of services for data storage and IoT. Microsoft and SAP’s strong partnership is evident from an integration perspective, allowing customers to consume SAP integration services on Azure seamlessly.

Infrastructure Performance & Scalability

SAP on Azure workload performance is impressive. Microsoft Azure’s huge compute resources works effectively with SAP’s inmemory Hana Database, giving the much-desired performance output for S/4 Hana. Similarly, the ECC6 system enjoys better performance on Azure considering the resource requirements for SAP BW and SAP application. Scaling of resources is achieved with maximum efficiency that improves business continuityreadiness of customers. 

Benefits of Engaging Digitank for your SAP Migration Projects

Our skilled SAP technical consultants with 3-15 years of experience in SAP deployments are of great benefit to our customers. We understand that SAP systems are typically missioncritical solutions in organizations, thus, we give the highest level of priority to planning, risk assessment, and effective migration strategy with minimal disruption to business operations. 

Customer experience and our success outcome philosophy

Our success outcome philosophy puts us on the same side as our customers, so we embark on the success journey with them, providing the required solution to technology problems, understanding what is top of mind for them, and ensuring we accurately translate that into the delivery of solutions. We imagine our role with customers as that of an electronic car suspension. We listen and identify load variations, absorb load pressure, and provide the required power to balance the weight of the car at different points in the suspension assembly, giving the passenger a comfortable ride through the journey. Our customers (Passengers) need not worry as we shoulder the load effectively and get them to their destination safely. 

Digitank’s project principles

Customer experience and our success outcome philosophy.


We review our customer’s business needs and ensure our proposed solution for their projects addresses their needs squarely.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

No data loss is our mantra. We ensure our customers' business operations are not disrupted, and where applicable change management is dutifully deployed to avoid disruption.

Gain Insights

Generate compelling insights by aggregating SAP data and non-SAP data to provide a full view of operations data.

Increase Business Agility

SAP on Azure gives customers the ability to simulate environments quickly and also the scalability to add new resources when required.


SAP systems contain corporate information, so we observe strict data protection, and privacy & compliance regimes to protect our customers' proprietary information. Our engagement allows customers to maintain control whilst the project progresses.

Expert Advice/News

Tips on what is happening within the SAP/Azure cloud space.

System uptime and security

Azure gives you enterprise-grade security and high-performance global coverage while increasing availability through its backup and disaster recovery features - strengthen security and stay compliant.

Reduce TCO on SAP infrastructure

With SAP on Azure, customers can cut costs on expensive on-premise hardware refreshes, power, and manpower expenses. Creating room for an increase in IT budget for other IT innovations while enhancing business flexibility and availability.

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Whatever your SAP migration needs are, we will be able to help you on the journey at Digitank

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